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1002 The Hundred Year Hunt for the Red Sprite
1005 Cloud Catcher (out of print)
1006 Aurora Borealis: The Magnificent Northern Lights (out of print)
1007 Antarctica
1008 Hurricane Charlie: Punta Gorda, Friday the 13th
1009 The Dream (chase highlights)
(out of stock)
1010 IVAN: A Portrait from Earth and Space
1012 Katrina & Wilma: As They Happened (out of print)
1013 Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans : Before, During and After
1014 Katrina: America ’s Costliest Storm
1015 Storms of 2004 (out of print)
1016 Storms of 2005
1019 NOVA: Hurricane Katrina, the Storm that Drowned a City
1020 NOVA: In the Path of a Killer Volcano
1021 NOVA: Killer Quake
1022 NOVA: Volcano Under the City
1023 Driven by Passion Out of Stock
1025 An Inconvenient Truth
1026 Hurricane Katrina: A Storm Chaser's Story
1027 Stormchasers (IMAX) (out of print)
1028 NOVA: Lightning!
1029 Tsunami Killer Wave
1030 Forces of Nature
1031 Inside Hurricane Katrina
1032 Storms of 2006 (out of print)
1033 Wrath of God: Whiteout Blizzard
1034 Isaac's Storm
1035 Little Ice Age: Big Chill
1036 Nature Tech: Lightning (out of print)       
1037 The Hurricane of '38 (out of print)
1038 Hurricane on the Bayou (IMAX)
1039 Engineering Disasters: New Orleans
1040 Snow (out of print)
1041 Katrina: American Catastrophe
1042 Tornadoes (out of print)
1043 Katrina: Send in the Guard
1044 Holland 1953: Assault of the Sea
1045 Missisippi: River out of Control
1046 Severe Weather Safety: Protect Yourself
1047 Storms of 2007 (out of print)
1048 Tornado/Blizzard
1049 West Coast Tsunami
1050 Flash Floods: Deadly Downpour
1051 A Global Warning
1052 America's Tsunami: Are We Next?
1053 Asteroids: Deadly Impact
1054 Avalanches: White Walls of Death (out of print)
1055 Buffalo Blizzard: Siege and Survival
1056 Dimming the Sun
1057 Fires of Kuwait
1058 Hunt for the Supertwister
1059 Hurricane Ike
1060 Magnetic Storm
1061 Nature's Fury (out of print)
1062 Ring of Fire
1063 Six Degrees that Could Change the World
1064 Storm Chasers 2 DVD set (out of print)
1065 Struck by Lightning
1066 Surviving the Dust Bowl
1067 The Seasons
1068 Tornado Hunters
1069 Tornado Intercept
1070 Tsunami: the Wave that Shook the World
1071 Twister Chasers
1072 Fire Wars
1073 Savage Planet: Deadly skies
1074 When Weather Changed History (out of print)
1075 Storm Stories (out of print)
1076 Extreme Ice
1077 Come Hail or High Water
1078 Tornado Extravaganza 2009
1079 A Fantasia for Clouds
1080 Against the Elements
1081 Thunderheads
1082 Drowning New Orleans (Nat Geo)
1084 Prehistoric Megastorms
1085 Struck by Lightning (Nat Geo)
1086 Death Fog (Nat Geo)
1087 Tornado Extravaganza 2010
1088 Snowbound: Curse of the Sierras (out of stock)
1089 Tsunami - Killer Wave (History Channel)
1090 Tornado Alley
1091 2010 Journey through Tornado Alley Out of Stock
1092 Storm Chasers: Season 3 - 2 DVD set
1093 NOVA - Deadliest Tornadoes
1094 Driven by Passion II
1095 NOVA: Inside the Megastorm: Sandy
1096 Superstorm 2012: Sandy (National Geographic)
1097 The Edge of Space
2071 Benjamin Franklin's Science, AMS Journal Program 2007-1
2072 The Hurricane-Climate Connection, AMS Journal Program 2007-2
2073 Is Global Climate Change Affecting Hurricanes, AMS Journal Program 2007-3
2074 50th Anniversary of the CCM Program, AMS Journal Program 2007-4
2075 Hydrology in an Era of Global Change
2076 The Science of Communications
2077 Hurricane Katrina – Perspectives on Hurricane Forecasting
2078 A Vision for Human Evolution Into Space
2079 The "New" (Post-Katrina) FEMA and Managing Expectations
2080 Urban Weather and Climate - Now and the Future

9001 The Handy Weather Answer Book Out of Print
9002 Kaleidoscope Sky
9003 Out of Print

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Planetarium and Science Center Directors: If you wish to obtain a Show Kit for “The Hundred Year Hunt for The Red Sprite,” contact us for details.

The Hundred Year Hunt For The Red Sprite (42 minutes)
Finalist, Telly Awards

Videographer Award of Excellence
Gold Award,Aurora Awards

Based upon our planetarium production of the same name, this program documents one of the most unexpected scientific findings in the atmosphere during the late 20th century. For over a century, people, including well respected scientists, had reported seeing strange lights in the night sky about thunderstorms - and they were. But it remained for a “happy accident” in 1989 when the first such event was captured on a low-light camera’s video tape. One researcher exclaimed it was as if Biology had just suddenly discovered a new human body part. Since then, an entire “zoo” of luminous creatures have been found in the thin air above thunderstorms. And the discoveries are still being made. The program also shows how the public can become engaged in the search for new thunderstorm related electrical phenomena.Teachers: Your students can also take the online "Sprite Quiz" and receive their score and a certificate of completion! "....the images and graphics are extraordinary...you could watch this program forever...kept me on the edge of my seat..." Weatherwise Magazine

1002 DVD-R* $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1002}


The Edge of Space (NOVA) approx. 60 minutes

This 2013NOVA program continues where The Hundred Year Hunt for the Red Sprite leaves off.
It showcases extraordinary footage of sprites taken from high flying jets to the International Space Station.
The aurora makes some amazing appearances as well. The program also weaves the poignant true story of how
one of the objectives - capturing images of sprites from space - of Astronaut Ilan Ramon, who perished in 2003 aboard the ill-fated Space Shuttle Columbia, were fulfilled on the ISS a decade later by astronaut Dr. Satoshi Furukawa. The high speed footage of sprites is simply breathtaking.

1097 DVD  $19.95 plus S&H             #!TGS{buy 1097}

Aurora Borealis: The Magnificent Northern Lights (72 minutes)

A perfect gift! You have never seen the aurora borealis like this. Stunning, real-time video from Iceland is the most realistic presentation of the northern lights yet captured on video, along with a narrative describing the history and the physics of aurora. A perfect video for any class on space physics, astronomy or earth sciences. BONUS: Almost 40 minutes of dynamic, real-time, color northern lights set to the music of Gustav Holst. (It comes along with the narrative program version plus a still image catalog and a full color booklet.)

   (out of print)

Solar Max (double set: DVD plus sound track CD!) (38 minutes)

This amazing IMAX™ film is arguably one of the best science films ever made. Stunning visuals and an incredible musical score describe the sun-earth system in ways that will both amaze and inspire. SPECIAL BONUS: AMS special DVD offer, you also receive the Nigel Westlake soundtrack on CD.

1017 DVD-R $14.95
plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1017}

Driven by Passion II
 by Tim Samaras    (134 minutes)

Driven by Passion II is the brand-new DVD from Tim Samaras! It covers his years out in the field from 2008 to 2012. These events include the successful probe deployments near Tipton, KS on May 29, 2008, the dusty tornado near Aurora, NE on June 17, 2009, and the powerful EF-4 tornado near Bowdle, SD on May 22, 2010. Included is a slide show for the unfortunate deadly 2011 season and close encounters near Goshen County, WY on June 5, 2009, Campo, CO on May 31, 2010, and never-before seen footage up-close of the incredible EF-4 tornado near Langley, KS on April 14, 2012. Along with many more events!

For the past 30 years, Tim Samaras has seen and witnessed the most powerful and destructive winds on the planet. His mission is to collect data from inside such intense forces of nature each year in Tornado Alley. With the scientific devices he has pioneered and built over the past 15 years, he has been able to achieve his goal. But it is not an easy objective by any means. Samaras has been featured on television in National Geographic specials for his expertise with answering questions through scientific methods on disasters including tornadoes. His work has been showcased on the Discovery Channel in their popular show “Storm Chasers” (2009-2011) for his success and dedication to collect scientific measurements from inside of tornadoes.

 1094 $22.00     #!TGS{buy 1094}

Antarctica (38 minutes)

Before the March of the Penguins and Happy Feet, there was this great IMAX™ film about the southern polar regions. Amazing video above and below the south polar ice cap. An aid to understanding this critical region's effect on climate.
And yes, it has Penguins!

1007 DVD-R $14.95
plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1007}

Hurricane Charlie: Punta Gorda, Friday the 13th (75 minutes)

Ever wonder what it is like to stand in the middle of a CAT 4 hurricane while buildings around you are beginning to disintegrate in 145 mph gales? These BNVN videographers did just that and captured perhaps the wildest hurricane wind and rain footage ever. We note they had to use underwater cameras in order to get many of the shots.

1008 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H       #!TGS{buy 1008}

Ivan: A Portrait from Earth and Space
(70 minutes)

Before Katrina, there was Ivan. This massive storm is described by Dr. Bill Williams in an excellent tutorial on the life cycle and impacts of a major Gulf Coast hurricane. Ideal for introductory or tropical meteorology courses. Portions of the proceeds benefit the AMS student chapter at the University of Southern Alabama.

1010 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H      #!TGS{buy 1010}

Missisippi: River Out of Control
(59 minutes)

New Orleans and floods have a long history together, along with the many efforts to hold back the waters. This tale from the 1927 flood shows levies being blown up in an attempt to divert waters away from the Crescent City, with callous disregard for the welfare of the poor and African Americans.

1045 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H  #!TGS{buy 1045}     

WILMA & KATRINA: As They Happened
(76 minutes)

Richard Horodner is the dean of hurricane chasers. And he catches them, too, with his cameras. He and his crew got into the belly of two of 2005’s beasts…Katrina and Wilma. Witness the raw and uncut scenes what it was like…and a great way to teach folks why they should heed evacuation notices.

1012 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H       Out of print

Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans : Before, During and After

(103 minutes)

Videographer and storm chaser Doug Kiesling (Breaking News Video Network) had one of the few cameras rolling inside New Orleans during the height and aftermath of Katrina (you’ve seen his work on all the networks). But watch this first person narrative of the arrival of the storm, its blinding fury, and the sudden chilling realization that the waters are rising…and he needs a way out! Fast!

                                1013 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H       #!TGS{buy 1013}

Katrina: America ’s Costliest Storm

From the Coastal Weather Research Center of the University of Southern Alabama, Dr. Bill Williams assembles the satellite and radar imagery, along with on the ground damage surveys, that document the life cycle of this legendary storm. Excellent for classroom instruction in earth sciences and natural disaster courses.

1014 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H      #!TGS{buy 1014}

Storms of 2005
(107 minutes)

A compilation of the best storm chases of 2005, produced by Greg Stumpf and Jim Ladue, complete with detailed map discussions, radar, satellite and a musical score. A great teaching tool for the classroom – or just plain vicarious fun for us deskbound folks who can’t chase come tornado season. Plus a special section shot deep inside Katrina. All profits from this production go the American Red Cross and the Central Oklahoma Chapter of the AMS.

1016 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H      #!TGS{buy 1016}

Storms of 2004
(100 minutes)

The first in the series from the gang at NSSL, showing some of the highlights from the incredible 2004 season. Includes the fabled "white tornado" to strike Mulvane, KS. Excellent synoptic background briefings. Great music. Great video. Scary stuff!

1015 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H     
Out of Print

Flash Floods:
Deadly Downpour
(45 minutes)

The human dimension behind a little remembered flood (Hepner, OR, in 1903) and one still hard to forget (Big Thomson, CO, in 1976). Eve Gruntfest and others reiterate the lessons that must be continuously reinforced to prevent such tragic losses in the future.

1050 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1050}     

NOVA: Hurricane Katrina -
The Storm that Drowned a City

New Orleans: The Storm That Drowned A City will present a minute-by-minute account of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. NOVA will look at what made the hurricane so deadly and analyzes how, despite technically sophisticated flood and storm defenses and advance disaster relief planning, this event has resulted in destruction on an unprecedented scale for the Gulf Coast region. The program will offer eyewitness testimony of what actually happened during the storm, along with state- of-the-art graphic descriptions of the calamity. NOVA will also examine the question of whether storms, like Katrina, are increasing in frequency and becoming more powerful and explore what economic, political, and scientific defenses are available to overcome these events. NOVA will investigate how the long-term ecology of New Orleans and the shrinking wetlands surrounding it steadily increased the city’s vulnerability, and will also explain why, despite scientific improvements in the city’s flood and storm defense capabilities, the protective levee system ultimately failed.

More than just an engineering story, New Orleans: The Storm That Drowned A City will investigate why- despite all the knowledge of the peril faced by New Orleans- the city was tragically unprepared when the long-feared disaster finally struck. And finally, NOVA will look to the future and ask the question- is there anything that can be done to restore New Orleans to a habitable and safer city?

1019 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H       #!TGS{buy 1019}

In The Path of a Killer Volcano
(60 minutes)
NOVA: The Philippines' Mount Pinatubo is about to blow big. Is there enough time to evacuate the hundreds of thousands in its raging path?

Stay with the scientists who remain behind- and see some astonishing footage of the world's largest volcanic eruption in 80 years. Local tribespeople were the first to see the signs. "There was a flash of light from the sky," said one. "I thought it was my time to die." The Philippines ' Mount Pinatubo was acting restless- and the volcanologists at Clark Air Force Base were starting to sweat. An angry mountain is highly unpredictable. If they misread its fits and starts, a violent explosion could send pyroclastic flow- hot, dense avalanches- roaring down its sides at 100 miles per hour, burning everyone and everything in its path. But if they ordered an evacuation and nothing happened, these experts could lose their credibility for good. With a typhoon headed in their direction, the stakes are even higher. Torrential rains turn ash and rock into hot mud flows that can bury a town in minutes. Is it time to issue a Level 4 alert- ordering hundreds of thousands to flee their homes? Stay with the courageous scientists who remain behind- and see some astonishing footage as the world's biggest eruption in 80 years really starts to blow.

1020 DVD-5 $14.95 plus S&H       #!TGS{buy 1020}

Killer Quake(60 minutes)

NOVA: Relive the L.A. earthquake, and preview what it portends for California's future…
Deep below the city of Los Angeles, pressure from the Earth's mantle has created an intricate network of underground faults. Scientists have made significant progress in identifying these faults and in measuring and locating earthquakes in the area, but new faults continue to appear. The earthquake that struck the Northridge area on January 17, 1994 exposed a previously unknown fault line, and proved once again that earthquakes are nearly impossible to predict with any precision. Nonetheless, many experts believe that a serious earthquake will strike the Los Angeles area in the near future. This episode of NOVA explores the effects of the Northridge earthquake and raises questions about predicting and preparing for "The Big One."

1021 DVD-5 $14.95 plus S&H       #!TGS{buy 1021}

Volcano Under the City
(60 minutes)

NOVA: Will Mount Nyiragongo Obliterate This Thriving City?
A team of scientists clambers down into the steep crater of an active volcano in central Africa , a lake of molten lava seething far below. The team’s mission is to explore this deadly mountain up close to find out when and why it is likely to erupt next. The lives of half a million people living directly in its shadow are at stake.

In January 2002, the ground close to the city of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo split open and rivers of lava swept through entire neighborhoods, killing some 100 people and leaving 120,000 homeless. The volcano towering over the city, Mount Nyirangongo , had awoken again. Now French volcanologist Jacques Durieux and his team worry that, next time, deadly lava could erupt from cracks directly under the city itself. Volcano Under the City reaches a stunning climax as Durieux’s team struggles to capture a sample of furiously boiling lava from the heart of the volcano. The crater walls crumble and Mount Nyirangongo belches poisonous gas as the scientists put their lives on the line to retrieve their vital data.

1022 DVD-5 $14.95 plus S&H       #!TGS{buy 1022}

Driven by Passion
 by Tim Samaras  

Many chase tornadoes. But engineer Tim Samaras tries to capture them as well. You may have seen his exploits on National Geographic Television as Tim and his crew race to position their probes directly in the path of the vortex. This stuff makes the Hollywood antics in Twister look tame. In over 3 hours of video, you witness the first successful video (7 cameras) obtained from within a tornado (Storm Lake, IA). And then there is the awesome video of the powerful Manchester, SD tornado as it leveled the town, but also yielded the first definite pressure drop readings inside a major tornado - a stunning 100 millibars!

                            1023 Double DVD set $25.00 plus S&H      

Benjamin Franklin’s Science
(59 minutes)

The AMS Journal: Program 2007-1

Prof. Philip Krider of the University of Arizona is an expert in atmospheric electricity – and Benjamin Franklin. His entertaining presentation, recorded at the AMS Annual Meeting in Atlanta commemorates the Franklin Tercentenary with a fascinating look at this multi-faceted Founding Father, who could also be argued to be America’s first meteorologist. An excellent chapter in the history of our science.

                           2071 DVD-R $4.95 plus S$H         #!TGS{buy 2071}

An Inconvenient Truth
(96 minutes plus bonus footage)

Vice President and Nobel Lauriate Al Gore’s epic documentary has played a major role in the great public climate change debate. This 16:9 video with 5.1 surround sound presentation includes the full feature film, a music video by Melissa Etheridge and plenty of “making of” scenes. But most compelling may well be the 30 minute follow on presentation by Al Gore detailing new findings since the film was completed…some chilling news about global warming. “One of the most important films of our time” (NBC’s Reel Talk)

1025 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1025}

Hurricane Katrina: A Storm Chaser’s Story
(55 minutes)

This award winning DVD from veteran hurricane chasers Jim Edds and Scott McPartland details the rampage of Katrina from South Florida to the Gulf Coast. They were there as the 25 foot storm surge crashed through Biloxi and experienced 125+ mph winds roaring through a parking structure in Gulfport. Dramatic aftermath video, along with scenes from the NOAA G4 and P3 hurricane hunters and stunning radar and satellite imagery. A great video for tropical weather and introductory weather courses.

1026 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1026}

(40 minutes plus 27 minutes of special features) (2 DVD set)

This IMAX™ special takes you along with a special breed of people who spend all their time searching for events that most individuals hope to avoid - hurricanes, monsoon floods and tornadoes. Storm chasers track extreme weather conditions to increases our understanding how such events form and how to predict them. A Gold Camera Award winner.

1027 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H       (out of print)

NOVA: Lightning!
(45 minutes)

A high-voltage trip —culminating in a dazzling lightning show set to music that rivals the most extraordinary fireworks display. The program also visits with some of lightning's tragic victims who thought they were out of harm's way. Join the scientists as they tempt nature by creating the world's tallest lightning rod, a wire leading thousands of feet into storm clouds, which triggers awe-inspiring thunderbolts a few hundred feet from the observers—and creates a chunk of "petrified" lightning. A NOVA Proiduction.

1028 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H       #!TGS{buy 1028}

Tsunami: Killer Wave
(60 minutes)

This National Geographic special was produced before the December 2004 Southeast Asia disaster, and thus its messages and warnings are all the more sobering. Extraordinary footage and first person tsunami accounts from Japan, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest set the scene for the catastrophe to come.

1029 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1029}

Forces of Nature
(40 minutes)

This National Geographic special, narrated by Kevin Bacon, presents stunning photography of tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and their devastating impacts. From the High Plains to the Caribbean to Turkey, witness the planet’s most destructive forces at work. It also chronicles the dedication of the men and women of science who delve the mysteries of how our world works.

1030 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H       #!TGS{buy 1030}

Inside Hurricane Katrina
(96 minutes)

This National Geographic production presents a gripping minute-by-minute countdown of Katrina’s landfall on the Gulf Coast. Detailing the collision of science with politics, it raises many disturbing questions that we as a nation must answer…before a disaster of this magnitude happens again…as it surely will if we do not learn from this tragedy.

1031 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1031}

Storms of 2006
(120 minutes)

Producer/chaser Verne Carlson continues the tradition of assembling the best chase videos of the year for a good cause, in this case a portion of the proceeds benefiting the American Red Cross. Dramatic footage from a helicopter of a twister grinding through a small airport, the hail storm from hell wrecking chase vehicles, and dramatic multi-vortex tornadoes are just a few the highlights.

1032 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H     out of print      

Wrath of God: Blizzard Whiteout!
(45 minutes)

A History Channel special which details the impacts of blizzards on American history and politics – especially that of Chicago’s! This program reminds us that winter weather can have as deadly and costly an impact as warm season severe weather. Especially gripping are the tales of the TWO blizzards of 1888, including the horrific “children’s blizzard” of the Great Plains and the storm that changed the face of New York City.

1033 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H     #!TGS{buy 1033}

Severe Weather Safety: Protect Yourself

Produced for Weatherthings by AMS Member, Alan Sealls, CBM, this program spells out in clear, simple language how to become aware of, prepare for, and react to the threats of flash floods, lightning, damaging winds and tornadoes. An excellent program for public safety outreach seminars and introductory weather classes.

1046 DVD-R $24.95 plus S&H     #!TGS{buy 1046}

Isaac’s Storm
(100 minutes)

In this feature-length History Channel special based on Erik Larson's AMS-award winning book, "Isaac's Storm," weather experts, historians, and survivors' descendants guide us through that horrific day in 1900 when a CAT 4 hurricane took as many as 12,000 lives in a Texas coastal boom-town. Before Katrina in New Orleans, there was Galveston…how much have we really learned as a society in 100 years? After Hurricane Ike, one can only wonder.

1034 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1034}

Storms of 2007
(120 minutes)
The latest in the “Storms of…” series, compiled by veteran chaser Mickey Ptak, along with Greg Stumpf and Jim Ladue, this DVD highlights the 2007 season. The March High Plains outbreak, the EF5 disaster in Greensburg, KS and the first EF5 in Mannitoba are highlights. Great video, complete with detailed map discussions, radar, satellite and a musical score. A great teaching tool for the classroom – or just plain vicarious fun for us deskbound folks who can’t chase come tornado season.

1047 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H         out of print

Little Ice Age: Big Chill DVD
(100 minutes)

A feature length presentation from the acclaimed History Sunday series on The History Channel. This program examines the cataclysmic consequences of a major shift in the world’s climate which occurred during recorded history. For almost 500 years, the "Little Ice Age” impacted civilization in a myriad of ways, profoundly changing the course of human events. It provides a graphic object lesson as to why we must take climate issues seriously.

1035 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1035}

Nature Tech: Lightning

A History Channel special on one of nature’s deadliest killers – lightning. It provides an excellent overview of lightning physics, detection and warning systems. The threats to those engaging in outdoor sports are graphically recounted in many victim vignettes.Excellent for public outreach and for those managing outdoor activities.

1036 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H

The Hurricane of ’38
(53 minutes)

It killed over 600, sank 6000 boats and destroyed 8000 structures – all without any warning. As the Depression was ending, New Englanders were thinking of war in Europe and not hurricanes – which “did not hit their part of the country." The U.S. Weather Bureau ignored the advice of the one forecaster who saw it coming, and the result was a tragedy that engulfed hundreds of thousands, including a vacationing actress named Katherine Hepburn. The quality of the amazing film footage recovered, portraying scenes both during and after the storm, is astounding, and has rarely been seen before. Though told in a narrative form by focusing on selected families, this DVD presents a gripping tale of what can happen when nature strikes without any alert. It places our modern day                            hurricane forecasting system in an entirely new perspective. Produced by WGBH as part of the American Experience Series.

1037 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H     (out of print)

on the Bayou
(42 minutes)

This IMAX™ film, focusing on the critical role of wetlands in protecting the Louisiana coast, was in production when Katrina struck. The aftermath scenes are breathtaking, as are the stunning visuals of the before and after scenes of the coast, wetlands and wildlife. Narrated by Meryl Streep, the soundtrack also features superb New Orleans music by Allen Toussaint, Dr. John, Fats Domino, Aaron Neville, Amanda Shaw and more. The DVD will entertain, but it also issues a compelling call to action to society in order to avoid the “next Katrina disaster.”

1038 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H     #!TGS{buy 1038}

Engineering Disasters: New Orleans
(50 minutes)

Is New Orleans now safe? Have we learned from the disaster of Katrina? Apparently not. From the Modern Marvels Series produced for the History Channel, this DVD details what went wrong with the levees and how the replacement systems being engineered and constructed are not really likely to withstand much more than a Category 3 storm. Presented also are the roles played by the rapidly disappearing wetlands and barrier islands that once protected the Louisiana coast. Compelling and sobering viewing.

                            1039 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1039}

(80 minutes)

This 2 DVD set does double duty, detailing the "news you can use" when exposed to two of nature's most formidible foes: the blizzards of winter and summer's tornadoes.The 1993 superstorm which impacted one-third of the nation, the catastrophic 1998 ice storm in the northeast, and most intense tornado outbreeak ever, 3 May 1999 in Oklahoma, star in these portraits of nature's ugliest moods. Produced by The Weather Channel.

1048 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H     #!TGS{buy 1048}

(50 minutes)

From the birth of a single ice crystal to the suffocating drifts of a great blizzard, the DVD discusses snow in a way that makes modern cloud physics understandable and accessible. Scenes include researchers atop Storm King Mountain and historical footage of the cloud physics pioneer Nakaya. Excellent for an introductory class in meteorology, or for anyone who really just digs winter weather.

1040 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H       (out of print)

Katrina: American Catastrophe
(50 minutes)

One of the best recountings of all that went wrong, and right, in our dealings with the monster hurricane that became known as Katrina. The DVD provides the key information and historical backdrops to understand the anatomy of the disaster, along with interviews with Max Mayfield and Hugh Willoughby. Produced for the History Channel.

1041 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1041}


(50 minutes)
An excellent overview for an introductory course in weather, or just lots of juicy information for the severe storm enthusiast. This is a compelling story of how tornadoes are researched, how forecasts and warnings are created, and how emergency response services must function to save lives. The amazing story of the Van Wert, OH tornado which destroyed a movie theater only minutes after its many patrons had been evacuated to a shelter demonstartes how things should always work! Created for the Nature Tech Series of The History Channel.

1042 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H      (out of print)


Katrina: Send in The Guard
(50 minutes)
Katrina caused immeasurable suffering for hundreds of thousands of citizens, and took a heavy toll as well upon those who came to help. This DVD recounts the often gut wrenching experiences of the National Guard and Coast Guard heroes who rescued literally thousands from likely death traps in the hours and days after the tempest struck, even while their own headquarters were being submerged and destroyed. One of the Violent Earth Series programs produced for the History Channel.

1043 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H         #!TGS{buy 1043}

West Coast Tsunami
(50 minutes)

This disaster has yet to happen…but the clock is ticking. Evidence is building that a major tsunami will assault the northwestern U.S. coastline when the next great Cascadian earthquake occurs. The last monster wave struck on 16 January 1700. How do we know? Records of giant tsunamis from Japan! The geological record shows a 300 year return period. America ignores this story at a very great risk.

1049 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H       #!TGS{buy 1049}


Holland 1953: Assault of the Sea
(50 minutes)
Over 1800 drowned and more than 250,000 were left homeless as a powerful storm caused the ocean to overflow into a heavily populated below-sea-level region. New Orleans in 2005? No, Holland in 1953. An intense 1-in-500 year North Sea storm caused Holland’s famous but war damaged and poorly maintained dikes to fail, resulting in a Katrina-style tragedy. Gripping footage shows the many sad parallels with the Crescent City, but also some startling differences. Once communication links were restored, aid was swift and effective. And the dikes and dams now protecting the Netherlands are designed to withstand a one-in-10,000 year storm. The DVD was produced for The Wrath of God series created for The History Channel.

1044 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H         #!TGS{buy 1044}

A Global Warning?   (95 minutes)

After 4+ billion years of climate change, is global warming simply a naturally occurring phenomenon, or the result of human activity, or a mix of both? This History Channel special documents the adventures of scientists who explore the skies and oceans to examine and document climate change impacts. They explore the sun, the ocean depths and dig deep into the earth to study continental movement, the remnants of gigantic meteor impacts and volcanic activity. Climate is ALWYS changing, but exploring the whys and wherefores is the challenge presented here. (Package is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials).

1051 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1051}

merica's Tsunami: Are We Next? (83 minutes)

The 2004 Sumatran earthquake is detailed with astounding video of the deadly tsunami. But more chilling is the impending Cascadian quake which would send mountainous waves onto the Pacific coastline with 15 minutes warning. From The Discovery Channel.

1052 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1052}


Asteroids: Deadly Impact
(60 minutes)

This National Geographic special is a must for historians of science. Produced just before his accidental death, it documents the amazing journey of Gene Shoemaker and his wife Carolyn, from Tunguska to the Jovian impacts. A most appealing view into the world of scientists.

1053 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1053}

Avalanches: White Walls of Death (50 minutes)

A History Channel special presentation from the Wrath of God Series.
The history of the western U.S. is studded with all too numerous stories of winter catastrophes when entire towns, and even passenger trains, have been buried under mountains of snow. As the western mountains become ever more used for recreation, living and resources, this underrated hazard needs to be placed in its proper context…and be taken far more seriously.

1054 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H   (Out of Print)


Buffalo Blizzard: Siege and Survival
(50 minutes)

A History Channel presentation recounting of harrowing personal tales of survival during the five day lake effect snow siege in Buffalo in January, 1977. Being stranded in a car on a 150 ft high bridge…scary!

1055 DVD-R $14.955 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1055}

Dimming the Sun (56 minutes)

NOVA documents a climate conundrum ...is reduced sunlight reaching Earth cooling the atmosphere and also masking the full impact of global warming? Scientists investigate the impacts of anthropogenic aerosols… yet another very inconvenient truth.

1056 DVD-R
$14.95 plus S&H
    #!TGS{buy 1056}

Fires of Kuwait (39 minutes)

This stunning IMAX™ film documents extremely close up one of the major anthropogenic aerosol releases of our time. Over 10,000 firefighters from 40 nations participated in the largest non-military mobilization of all time to staunch the oil field fires. How they actually got the fires out is an amazing story!

1057 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1057}

Hunt for the Supertwister (60 minutes)

Many storm chaser colleagues contributed to this excellent NOVA special describing how chasers and modelers interact in furthering our understanding of tornadogenesis. Some extreme video!

1058 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1058}


Hurricane Ike
(60 minutes)

Intrepid hurricane interceptors Jim Edds, Jeff Piotrowski and Chris Collura literally get inside of Hurricane Ike. Standing waist deep in storm surge within the calm eye, they can actually hear the roar of the approaching eyewall backside. A front row seat to a weather disaster.

1059 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H     #!TGS{buy 1059}

Magnetic Storm

The magnetic North Pole is starting to wander. Airport runways are being repainted as magnetic north changes. We know the Earth’s magnetic field has flipped many times in the past. Is something brewing deep below the solid surface in the liquid core of our planet? What would happen if the field did collapse and/or reverse and compasses no longer worked? Northern lights over Miami is just one of many effects to ponder

1060 5-DVD set $14.95 plus S&H          #!TGS{buy 1060}


Nature's Fury
(55 minutes)

This series from National Geographic shows the best of the worst of Mother Nature. One vignette centers on the Great Floods of 1993 …a vivid contrast to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.

1061 5-DVD set $14.95 plus S&H     (out of print)


Ring of Fire (40 minutes)

This IMAX™ film brings you as close to a volcano as you may want to be. Given the role volcanoes play in climate change, this DVD is a great primer on these tectonic beasts.

1062 5-DVD set $14.95 plus S&H     #!TGS{buy 1062}

Six Degrees That Could Change the World (90 minutes)

Alec Baldwin narrates a degree by degree scenario of global warming’s consequences, from vineyards thriving in England to sled dog teams being retired in Greenland. NASA’s James Hansen is among those to appear. A National Geographic presentation

1063 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1063}

Storm Chasers 2 DVD Set (7 hours of content)

From the Discovery TV series, four exciting episodes. The usual suspects  (the DOW, the TIV, Sean Casey, Josh Wurman, Tim Marshall) and amazing footage of why we suggest that you let the pros do tornado intercepts for a living.

1064 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H    (out of print)

Struck by Lightning (50 minutes)

Most people struck by lightning are not killed. But that doesn’t mean they were lucky. First person narratives document the serious, often lifelong consequences of a lightning strike. A good way to teach lightning safety…let folks see what can happen if one does not take the simple and basic steps to protect oneself from a cloud-to-ground strike. From the A&E Series, The Unexplained.

1065 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1065}

Surviving the Dust Bowl (55 minutes)

A gripping documentary on America’s worst climate disaster, including perhaps the gutsiest weather forecast of the 1930s made by Hugh Bennett, the father of soil conservation, while testifying before Congress. Highly recommended. From the PBS Series, The American Experience.

1066 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1066}

The Seasons (31 minutes)

A gorgeous IMAX™ film narrated by William Shatner in which the cause of the seasons is clearly and gorgeously explained. And Vivaldi’s Four Seasons also star with Pinchas Zuckerman and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra!

1067 DVD $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1067}

Tornado Hunters (50 minutes)

This British-made documentary doesn’t always have the clearest scientific explanations, but it has spectacular footage of some of the biggest hail, nastiest funnels and luckiest chasers caught on tape –along with historic footage of Ted Fujita.

1068 DVD $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1068}

Tornado Intercept (52 minutes)

A National Geographic special on the first successful coordinated operation of the Tornado Intercept Vehicle and the Doppler of Wheels, and the people behind the science of storm chasing. Follow Sean Casey as he tries to get just the right shots with his IMAX camera, with the help of Josh Wurman.

1069 DVD $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1069}

Tsunami - the Wave that shook the World

December 26, 2004...the earth’s crust slipped along a 700-mile-long fault off the coast of Sumatra…and 230,000 people perished.
This NOVA special chronicles the minute-by-minute history of this disaster with incredible footage plus the facts that make the incomprehensible understandable.

1070 5-DVD set $14.95 plus S&H          #!TGS{buy 1070}

Twister Chasers (50 minutes)

A British take on American storm chasers including Josh Wurman and the DOW, Christopher Weiss, The Twister Sisters and master funnel finder Roger Hill. Astounding video and slightly daft people

1071 DVD $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1071}


Fire Wars (120 minutes)

NOVA joins the front lines on America’s war of wildfires. A detailed history of the mismanagement of America’s forests and the increasingly dire consequences of a century of fuel buildup. Yellowstone, Los Alamos and fire at the urban-wildland interface. Do we fight fire with fire?

1072 DVD $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1072}


Savage Planet: Deadly Skies (60 minutes)

A global review of what the sky can hurl at us. From asteroid extinctions to meteors punching through a car’s trunk, gigantic hailstones in Sydney, and deadly bolts of lightning striking golfers, gliders and massive space vehicles. Stacy Keach narrates…yes, the sky sometimes is falling.

1073 DVD $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1073}

When Weather Changed History
5 DVD-set

From the long running Weather Channel series that highlights us the dramatic ways that weather has
changed human history. This 5 DVD set has thirteen full 42-minute programs in wide screen format with 5:1 Dolby Stereo.
Meteorologist Jim Cantore narrates. Learn how a cold front changed NASA space program for ever in the inside story of the Challenger Disaster. The weather has played a key role in battle since time immemorial. The impacts of weather during WWII, from the D-Day Invasion, the Battle of the Bulge, the naval war in the Pacific and surprising facts about how weather factored into the first Gulf War. Aviation weather history was made in the crashes of Delta 191 and the Air Florida tragedy in Washington, DC, and the changes they brought to airport operations and the nation's weather services. The programs are filled with interviews of the people involved and rare historic footage. Special bonus items include a When Weather Changed History timeline poster. Rated G. Total run time: approximately 9 hours.

DVD 1: "Rescue from the South Pole," "Battle of the Bulge"
DVD 2: "Challenger," "Race to Nome"
DVD 3: "1927 Mississippi Flood," "Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers"
DVD 4: "Air Florida," "Crash of Delta 191"
DVD 5: "Operation Eagle Claw," "Navy Typhoon," "The Forgotten Hurricane," "D-Day Anniversary," "Battlefield Iraq"

1074 5-DVD set $19.99 plus S&H        

stormsStorm Stories 6-DVD set

Now available in a 6-DVD boxed set, the best of the Weather Channel's acclaimed series, Storm Stories.
The weather is the ultimate drama. In the battle of humans vs. nature, these are the true stories of the survivors: the rescuers who never gave up and the victims who never gave in. First person accounts and stunning footage of weather dramtically impacting the lives of real people. Every survivor has a story - from which must all learn. Full screen, Dolby 5:1 Stereo. Rated G. Special Bounus DVD, "Epic Conditions." Total run time: approximately 10 hours 45 minutes.

DVD 1: "Blown from Her Arms," "Lives Torn Apart," "Allison's Wake," "Shelter from the Storm," "Tornado Terror"
DVD 2: "Gone in an Instant," "After School Twister," "Without Warning," "Left Behind After Floyd," "Laguna Landslide"
DVD 3: "Hurricane Ivan," "Ice Storm," "Weather Dog," "F-5 Tornado," "Black Tie - Black Night"
DVD 4: "Tornado Six Pack," "In the River's Path," "Deafening Sound," "Iowa November Tornado," "When Chuckie Met Ivan"
DVD 5: "New Orleans - Katrina," "Christmas Day Mudslide," "Plainfield Tornado," "Rogue Wave," "Super Outbreak"
DVD 6: "Epic Conditions," "Hawaii Big Wave Surfing"

1075 6-DVD set $19.99 plus S&H          

Extreme Ice (54 minutes)

In this NOVA production, Photographer James Balog leads the largest ever photographic study (EIS - the Extreme Ice Survey) of the cryosphere…time lapse imagery show the dramatic retreat of glaciers over months and years. Along with many members of the climate research community, this program vividly documents and explains glacial retreats. Stunning imagery from Greenland.

1076 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H          #!TGS{buy 1076}


Come Hail or High Water (50 minutes)

You have watched storm chaser Tony Laubach on TV as he tracks down plenty of tornadoes, but his specialty seems to be hail. Very, very large hail. Hail smashing out all his car windows. He seems to enjoy this. And he takes some pretty amazing videos with which to share his glee. This is high impact video! (Some adult language....like the things people often say when their front windshield gets bashed out!)

1077 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H         #!TGS{buy 1077}


Tornado Extravaganza 2009
(75 minutes)

The 2009 tornado seems was pretty underwhelming - until the Vortex 2 project was over. Then
the twisters came in droves. Chasers Matt Chatelain, Curtis McDonald, Matt Van Every and Dan Betten.
Some amazing encounters are caught on tape, with debris flying a lot closer than you might wish.

1078 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H         #!TGS{buy 1078}

NOVA: Inside the Megastorm: Sandy

Was Hurricane Sandy a freak combination of weather systems? Or are hurricanes increasing in intensity due to a warming climate? How did this perfect storm make search and rescue so dangerous? NOVA goes "Inside the Megastorm" giving viewers a blow by blow recounting of Hurricane Sandy, its impacts and the future of storm protection. Through first person accounts from those who survived, and from experts and scientists, "Inside the Megastorm" gives scientific context to a new breed of storms.

1095 DVD, $19.95 plus S&H         #!TGS{buy 1095}

Superstorm 2012: Sandy (National Geographic)

National Geographic goes inside the eye of the superstorm, Hurricane Sandy, to explore why it happened and how it could happen again. Weaving together user-generated stories from those who rode out the catastrophic storm, first responders, weather experts and storm chasers, Superstorm 2012 explores the mammoth and merciless wake that caused fatalities and paralyzed life for millions of people. Find out in depth how this storm - dubbed a "Frankenstorm" by some media - developed and grew as National Geographic examines the science behind its extreme forces and digs further into the unpredictability of nature's fury and its devastating consequences in the 21st century.

                                           1096 DVD, $19.95 plus S&H         #!TGS{buy 1096}

2071Benjamin Franklin’s Science
(59 minutes)
The AMS Journal: Program 2007-1

Prof. Philip Krider of the University of Arizona is an expert in atmospheric electricity – and Benjamin Franklin. His presentation, recorded at the AMS Annual Meeting in Atlanta commemorated the Franklin Tercentenary with a fascinating look at this multi-faceted Founding Father, who could also be argued to be America’s first meteorologist. An excellent chapter in the history of our science.

2071 DVD-R $4.95 plus S&H         #!TGS{buy 2071}

The Hurricane-Climate Connection
(58 minutes)
The AMS Journal: Program 2007-2

Prof. Kerry Emanuel, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

After Katrina, the link between global warming and a perceived increase in severe weather became a critical debate topic in the science and policy arenas. Prof. Kerry Emanuel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), in his 2007 AMS Haurwitz Memorial Lecture, examines this question. While sea surface temperature plays a role in tropical storm intensity, it represents only part of the complex puzzle. He also details an emerging theory that suggests hurricanes and typhoons may play a major, and heretofore, unexpected role in climate dynamics. Production assistance for this program was generously provided by ResearchChannnel.org.

2072 DVD, $4.95 plus S&H       #!TGS{buy 2072}

Is Global Climate Change Affecting Hurricanes?
(30 minutes)
The AMS Journal: Program 2007-3
Prof. Kerry Emanuel, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
After the disastrous 2005 hurricane season, which brought Katrina, Rita, Wilma and more, the link between global climate change, warming sea, surface temperature and hurricanes was front page news. Does climate change affect hurricanes? As Prof. Kerry Emanuel explains in the second in his series of lectures, the answer is yes...but the answer is also complex given the many factors involved.

2073 DVD, $4.95 plus S&H      #!TGS{buy 2073}

50th Anniversary of the CCM Program
(52 minutes)
The AMS Journal: Program 2007-4

Over 30% of the U.S. economy is weather and climate sensitive. Where do businesses and government agencies turn to find qualified professionals in these areas? An important resource is the corps of Certified Consulting Meteorologists, an AMS program which has just finished its 50th year of public service. Included are Phil Falconer, CCM surveying the field of forensic weather and Jack Henz, CCM describing his career in hydrometeorology. This DVD contains 22 minutes of bonus material beyond the ResearchChannel program in which CCMs describe how the program has focused their professional development over the years.

2074 DVD, 4.95 plus S&H      #!TGS{buy 2074}

Hydrology in An Era in an Era of Global Change
(59 minutes)
The AMS Journal: Program 2008-1

Prof. Dennis Lettenmaier (Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington), in his 2008 Robert E. Horton Lecture on Hydrology, traces the history of how hydrologists and meteorologists have attempted to do the book keeping which allows us to understand the water cycle. As we move from a qualitative to a quantitative hydrological science in the new era of changing climate, will we be able to answer questions essential to our nation? A look ahead at projections of the water resources of the Colorado River Basin provides a key example.

2075 DVD-R $4.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 2075}

The Science of Communications
(59 minutes)
The AMS Journal: Program 2008-2
Especially in this era global climate change, many scientists have become increasingly frustrated in their dealings with the press and the public. Why can’t the press get it right? Why isn’t the public smart enough to understand the importance of what I am saying? Turns out physical scientists may have more than a little to learn from decades of research in human psychology, political science and journalism. To transmit knowledge, you must first understand how people internalize information concerning the world around them. AMS Senior Science and Communication Fellow Dr. Anthony Socci, University of Michigan Professor of Political Science Dr. Arthur Lupia and BBC America science correspondent Molly Bentley have some words of wisdom for scientists struggling with public outreach.

2076 DVD-R $4.95 plus S&H       #!TGS{buy 2076}


The AMS Journal: Hurricane Katrina – Perspectives on Hurricane Forecasting

Max Mayfield, Director, National Hurricane Center (retired) was in the eye of the media storm when Katrina was bearing down on New Orleans. He recounts how the successful Katrina forecasts fit into the overall pattern of progress in forecasting tropical storms. From The AMS Journal series on ResearchChannel.org.

2077 DVD-R $4.95 plus S&H          #!TGS{buy 2077}

A Vision for Human Evolution Into Space (29 minutes)

Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, President, X Prize Foundation and Zero Gravity Corporation
The AMS Journal: Program 2009-1

Operational meteorology began a major growth phase as commercial aviation boomed in the 1930s in the aftermath of Lucky Lindburgh’s transatlantic and transformational flight. With the success of the Ansari X Prize showing the path for commercial human space travel, commercial operational forecasts of the near space environment may soon become a requirement and not just a dream. Dr. Peter Diamandis, the man behind the X Prizes, Zero Gravity Corporation and the Rocket Racing League (NASCAR on LOX!), explains the economics of scale that make “routine” space travel in the not too distant future sound not only possible, but likely.

2078 DVD-R $4.95 plus S&H         #!TGS{buy 2078}

The "New" (Post-Katrina) FEMA and Managing Expectations

Michael S. Beeman, director, National Preparedness Division, FEMA, Department of Homeland Security
The AMS Journal: Program 2009-2

In this video from the American Meteorological Society, Michael S. Beeman, director of the national preparedness division for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), shares what he saw in the midst of Hurricane Katrina and the lessons learned that are now incorporated into current natural disaster planning. Learn about what was done right and what was learned from the Mississippi disaster.

2079 DVD-R $4.95 plus S&H         #!TGS{buy 2079}

Urban Weather and Climate - Now and the Future

Dr. Walter Dabberdt, Chief Science Officer, Vaisala, Inc.
Prof. Rosina Bierbaum, Dean, School of Natural Resources, University of Michigan Dr. Kai N. Lee, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Prof. Julian Hunt, University College London
Dr. Susan Avery, President, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Mary M. Glackin, NOAA Deputy Under Secretary for Oceans and Atmospheres
The AMS Journal: Program 2009-3

More than 50 percent of our population already live in cities. And by 2030, the equivalent of 15 cities the size of Phoenix will be created annually. Is the quadruple convergence of urbanism, population growth, climate change and coastal development a perfect storm? In this American Meteorological Society program, a panel of experts discuss the impact climate and cities have on one another. Find out what urban planners and climate scientists must do in order to combine their efforts to adapt to a changing urbanized world.

2080 DVD-R $4.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 2080}    

Against the Elements
(2 DVD Set - 2 hours)

An amazing compilation of almost two dozen disasters including tsunamis, wild fires, earthquakes, avalanches, sink holes, mudslides, flash floods, and more. One highlight is a concise summary of the EF5 Manchester, SD tornado which literally wiped the town off the map and how chasers, led by Tim Samaras, documented the largest pressure drop (100 mb) ever confirmed in a tornadic vortex. Prof. Bill Gallus and Jay Trobec also appear. Also, a really unexpected story from Down Under. One of the world’s most prestigious yachting events is the Sydney to Hobart Race. Crews often include meteorologist to help deal with the region’s wild weather – but no one expected an EF2 tornadic waterspout that engulfed one vessel, which actually somehow survived the encounter- and finished second!

                                     1080 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1080}

  (45 minutes)

Australian thunderstorms grow so huge they give them names, like Hector - a monster CB which forms near Darwin and which was the subject of a seven nation field program.  Pilots “discovering” gravity waves launched into the stratosphere by massive convection is just one of the facets of this field program log, which shows the nuts and bolts of real-world science outside of the laboratory. Ed Zipser is one of many familiar faces in this excellent documentation of a multifaceted research project. A Smithsonian Production.

 1081 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1081}

Drowning New Orleans
(45 minutes)

National Geographic looks back on the 2005 disaster – one not causes less by nature but rather by human error and failures. Katrina did not make a direct hit, nor was it a Cat 5 storm at landfall, but poor planning and execution magnified the impact in so many ways, vividly portrayed. This was really a human caused disaster. The levees need not have failed. Required viewing for those engaged in disaster management and regional planning.

 1082 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1082}

Prehistoric Megastorms
(2 DVD Set – 2 hours)

Six programs detailing proposed “paleoweather” events. What if the biblical flood was not caused by rain? Archeology and geology are providing evidence that the failure of a natural dam 8000 years ago flooded what is now the Black Sea, a catastrophe imprinted on civilization’s collective memory as legends of a great flood. Then, Vulcanology, DNA and paleoclimate are called upon to delve into a  mystery – why do all humans trace their ancestry back to only ~5000 females? A clue - the climate change resulting from the eruption of Toba 75,000 years ago. Also included: Hypercanes, Mega Tsunamis, Comet Storms, and a prehistoric English superflood.

  1084 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1084}

Struck By Lightning (45 minutes)

Most people struck by lightning are not killed. But that doesn’t mean they were particularly lucky. First person narratives reveal the serious, often lifelong consequences of a lightning strike. Do iPods attract lightning? What happens to your body when you are struck? Hint: you don’t become a “crispy critter”  – but the results can be just as bad.  Tim Samaras and Dr. Maryann Cooper lend their expertise. A National Geographic Program

1085 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1085}

Death Fog
(45 minutes))

Thousands of people dead – overnight – and without a sign of the killer. The nocturnal boundary layer remains one of the toughest of research problems. And its potential to contribute to mass deaths is vividly portrayed in this National Geographic special on the Lake Nyos disaster in which a massive eruption of carbon dioxide from a lake bed drifted downwind while smothering 6000 people in Cameroon. Can it happen again?  Can it happen here?

1086 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1086}

Tornado Extravaganza 2010
  (120 minutes)

Storm chasers working together as the Tornado Video Network compiled some of their best footage from the 2010 chase season, which included the windup of Vortex2. Two hours of the best action from 8 if the best chase days of 2010.

1087 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1087}

Snowbound: Curse of the Sierras
(45 minutes) not in stock

Sierra Nevada means “snowy mountains.” The snows are critical to the hydrology of the west – and have played key roles in the history of the region. A vivid History Channel recounting of the Donner Party tragedy and the harrowing ordeal of an entire passenger train entrapped in “Sierra cement.”

1088 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H       not in stock

Tsunami – Killer Wave
(45 minutes)

This History Channel special was produced before the December 2004 Southeast Asia disaster, and its messages and warnings are all the more sobering. Extraordinary footage and first person tsunami accounts from Japan, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest set the scene for the catastrophe to come. The disaster in the Indian Ocean should not have come as a surprise

1089 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1089}

Tornado Alley
  (50 minutes)

This History Channel documentary provides an excellent historical overview of American tornado disasters. Beginning with the 1840 Natchez catastrophe, it includes the 1896 St. Louis tragedy and a detailed account of the 1925 Tri-State monster. Especially valuable is a recounting of the famous 1948 tornado forecast at Tinker Field, OK, with footage of Ernie Fawbush and Robert Miller. Tom Grazulis and Tom Skilling also make appearances

1090 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1090}

2010 Journey Through Tornado Alley

Five spectacular storm chasers include the monster Bowdle, SD EF-4, the tragic Yazoo, MS EF-4 and the gorgeous Deer Trail, CO supercell and twister of 10 June 2010. The TwisterChasers team of Jeff, Brian and Kathryn Piotrowski get up close and personal, close enough to capture startling damage in action – and shots straight up at the vortex overhead, not to mention the softball size hail. Extra Bonus footage from Hurricane Katrina.

1091 DVD-R 14.95 plus S&H      Out of Stock


Storm Chasers: Season 3 - 2 DVDs

Season 3 of the hit Discovery Channel program! Venture with an intrepid group of scientists, filmmakers and adventurers as they hunt down devastating tornadoes to capture amazing IMAX footage and valuable scientific data in America's 'Tornado Alley'. Follow this diverse group headlined by Tim Samaras and Sean Casey as they embark on another grueling season of storm chasing. Two DVDs with six programs and special bonus features including outtakes and storm chaser webisodes.

1092 2 DVD-R 14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1092}


NOVA - Deadliest Tornadoes (60 minutes)

In April 2011, the worst tornado outbreak in decades left a trail of destruction cross the U.S., killing more than 360 people. Why was there such an extreme outbreak? How do such outbreaks form? With modern warning systems, why did so many die? Is our weather getting more extreme - and if so, how bad will it get? This DVD profiles the scientists trying to understand the extreme forces at work behind this historic outbreak.

1093 DVD-R 14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1093}

BOOKS, etc.

The Handy Weather Answer Book, Visible Ink Press, Walter A. Lyons, 397 pp. $16.96 plus S&H
The guide to weather phenomena, history and lore, in Q&A format was a paperback Book of the Month selection. It answers many common weather questions…and also the answer to many questions you would never have thought to ask.

9001 Book , $19.95 plus S&H       out of print

Kaleidoscope Sky
by Tim Herd, Abrams Books, hard cover, 240 pp.,
$19.95 plus S&H
A beautiful photo essay on the colors of the sky, which if one takes the time look up, is far more that just blue. Indeed all the colors of the rainbow appear in shapes, sizes and manners.From glories to sun pillars to mirages, irridescence to moonbows and halos and coronas, both the science and the art of atmospheric optics is beautifully portrayed by author Tim Herd.

9002 Book, $19.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 9002}


WEATHER: The Ultimate Book of Meteorological Events

Accord Publishing, 2008, 256 pp.,ISBN-10 0740769898; ISBN-13 9780740769894

This is a “big” book in several ways. It is a coffee table hardcover that will look great on display. But opening it up reveals hundreds of magnificent images, many big full page displays, the very best from the pages of the famed Accord Weather Guide Calendar. Along with the offerings from over 100 photographers, over 40 entertaining and informative essays are supplemented by U.S. and international Monthly Climatic Data Charts, 365 days of weather trivia, and significant events in meteorological history. Topics include clouds, weather patterns, trade winds, forecasting, and unique weather systems around the world.

Out of Print


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