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Sky-Fire Productions office building with observation deck

Sky-Fire Productions post production facility

Sky-Fire Productions CECIL media suite

Sky Fire Productions, Inc. (a division of FMA, Inc) was created on the principle that working scientists should play an increasing role in local and national science education, both through the formal and especially informal education mechanisms. The principals are active researchers and science educators. Our plan is to develop both our own series of formal/informal science education products, primarily DVDs and web sites, as well as to facilitate those involved with bringing the excitement and findings of science to a broader audience. We hope to educate by producing engaging and entertaining fare for the public. You may know us from our planetarium production, “The Hundred Year Hunt for the Red Sprite.” But we have also embarked on producing a series of weather-related “edutainment” DVDs. Our footage has also appeared on air at ABC’s Nightline, the Discovery Channel, the National Geographic Channel, BBC4 and German Public Television, to drop a few names.

Sky Fire Productions is a small but specialized facility. We have been working with digital non-linear editing systems and time lapse photography for almost a decade. Several of our commercial web sites have been on line for 10 years (forever, in Internet years). We specialize in environmental and weather-related videography and program production. Our editing suite includes mutliple MAC Final Cut Pro HD-based digital non-linear editing suites. If your project involves scientific and technical topics, especially if it’s weather-related, we speak your language. We can provide a good solid product at a reasonable cost. We don’t do the fancy Hollywood and network stuff, but if technical or educational communication is what you need, we can help.

CECIL - Collaborations for Educational Computing and Interactive Learning

Non-linear editing suites: Apple Final Cut Pro HD systems

Asset management: Over four terrabytes online Raid disk storage; Cumulus video/image media asset management system

Graphics: BORIS Red, After Affects, Photoshop, JumpBacks, DreamWeaver/Fireworks, PaintShop Pro, Motion

Stock images: Extensive still image and time lapse video library of atmospheric phenomena; Digital Juice library; jacket design software

DVDPro and iDVD: one-of DVD-R duplication and quantity DVD video duplication

Acquisition formats: HDV, DCVHD Prod HD, miniDV, DVCAM, S-VHS (conventional, low-light video and time lapse video)

Music and SFX: extensive royalty free audio library from Smart Sound Sonic Fire, GMP Music, Apple and others

YRFS - The Yucca Ridge Field Station

The Yucca Ridge Field Station was expanded to its current 2000 sq. ft. climate controlled space in 1996. YRFS is the home of Sky-Fire Productions, as well as FMA Research, Inc. We specialize in conducting atmospheric science research on lightning, sprites, severe storms and related topics. Located on the high terrain northeast of Ft. Collins, CO, the specially designed observation deck at YRFS provides a commanding view of the Colorado Front Range as well as the prairies of the High Plains. The venue provides an excellent platform for remote sensing and photography of the wide variety of atmospheric phenomena which grace the skies of Colorado.

About our domain name
You known about “dot coms” and the other domains, org, gov, mil, edu and net. But what is “dot TV”? New top level domain names are popping up all over the Internet. “Dot TV” is pretty new, but we selected it to underscore that video (whether conventional tape, DVD or via the web) is at the core of our products.