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In The Path of a Killer Volcano (60 minutes)
NOVA: The Philippines' Mount Pinatubo is about to blow big. Is there enough time to evacuate the hundreds of thousands in its raging path?

Stay with the scientists who remain behind- and see some astonishing footage of the world's largest volcanic eruption in 80 years. Local tribespeople were the first to see the signs. "There was a flash of light from the sky," said one. "I thought it was my time to die." The Philippines ' Mount Pinatubo was acting restless- and the volcanologists at Clark Air Force Base were starting to sweat. An angry mountain is highly unpredictable. If they misread its fits and starts, a violent explosion could send pyroclastic flow- hot, dense avalanches- roaring down its sides at 100 miles per hour, burning everyone and everything in its path. But if they ordered an evacuation and nothing happened, these experts could lose their credibility for good. With a typhoon headed in their direction, the stakes are even higher. Torrential rains turn ash and rock into hot mud flows that can bury a town in minutes. Is it time to issue a Level 4 alert- ordering hundreds of thousands to flee their homes? Stay with the courageous scientists who remain behind- and see some astonishing footage as the world's biggest eruption in 80 years really starts to blow.

1020 DVD-5 $14.95 plus S&H       #!TGS{buy 1020}

Volcano Under the City (60 minutes)

NOVA: Will Mount Nyiragongo Obliterate This Thriving City?
A team of scientists clambers down into the steep crater of an active volcano in central Africa , a lake of molten lava seething far below. The team’s mission is to explore this deadly mountain up close to find out when and why it is likely to erupt next. The lives of half a million people living directly in its shadow are at stake.

In January 2002, the ground close to the city of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo split open and rivers of lava swept through entire neighborhoods, killing some 100 people and leaving 120,000 homeless. The volcano towering over the city, Mount Nyirangongo , had awoken again. Now French volcanologist Jacques Durieux and his team worry that, next time, deadly lava could erupt from cracks directly under the city itself. Volcano Under the City reaches a stunning climax as Durieux’s team struggles to capture a sample of furiously boiling lava from the heart of the volcano. The crater walls crumble and Mount Nyirangongo belches poisonous gas as the scientists put their lives on the line to retrieve their vital data.

1022 DVD-5 $14.95 plus S&H       #!TGS{buy 1022}

Killer Quake
(60 minutes)

NOVA: Relive the L.A. earthquake, and preview what it portends for California's future…
Deep below the city of Los Angeles, pressure from the Earth's mantle has created an intricate network of underground faults. Scientists have made significant progress in identifying these faults and in measuring and locating earthquakes in the area, but new faults continue to appear. The earthquake that struck the Northridge area on January 17, 1994 exposed a previously unknown fault line, and proved once again that earthquakes are nearly impossible to predict with any precision. Nonetheless, many experts believe that a serious earthquake will strike the Los Angeles area in the near future. This episode of NOVA explores the effects of the Northridge earthquake and raises questions about predicting and preparing for "The Big One."

1021 DVD-R, $14.95 plus S&H       #!TGS{buy 1021}

Forces of Nature
(40 minutes)

This National Geographic special, narrated by Kevin Bacon, presents stunning photography of tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and their devastating impacts. From the High plains to the Caribbean to Turkey, witness the planet’s most destructive forces at work.The dedication of the men and women of science is also a strong take home message in this program.

1030 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1030}

Ring of Fire
(40 minutes)

This IMAX™ film brings you as close to a volcano as you may want to be. Given the role volcanoes play in climate change, this DVD is a great primer on these tectonic beasts.

1062 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1062}

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