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Peter McLeish is a Canadian artist, who specializes in paintings and multi-media events which highlight the beauty of science. He has a Masters of Fine Arts (University of Guelph, Ontario). Recent shows have included "The Glory Project", at the Planetarium du Montreal, an art and music portrayal of the interplay between sunlight and clouds. His interpretation of sprites as art are presented here as they are being prepared for museum and gallery presentations in North America and Europe. His selected suite of sprites is displayed below in thumbnail version and are views seen from up above and/or from an aircraft. Peter believes it is important to promote unite, between art and science in order to create a better understanding of the natural world.
These first five images portray the artist's vision of Start of a Sprite



The next eight images portray the artist's vision of Sprites Forming



Below are Peter McLeish's paintings simply called Sprites with Tendrils.



Below are Peter McLeish's rendering of "inner sprites."


Below is Peter McLeish's painting simply called Sprites Above.