Snow and Ice

1007 Antarctica
1048 Tornado/Blizzard
1040 Snow (out of print)
1033 Wrath of God: Whiteout Blizzard
1054 Avalanches: White Walls of Death  (out of print)
1055 Buffalo Blizzard: Siege and Survival
1074 When Weather Changed History (out of print)
Storm Stories (out of print)
1076 Extreme Ice
1077 Come Hail or High Water
1088 Snowbound: Curse of the Sierras (out of stock)

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Antarctica (38 minutes)

Before the March of the Penguins and Happy Feet, there was this great IMAX™ film about the southern polar regions. Amazing video above and below the south polar ice cap. An aid to understanding this critical region's effect on climate.
And yes, it has Penguins!

1007 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1007}

Tornado/Blizzard (2 DVDs, 80 minutes)

This 2 DVD set does double duty, detailing the "news you can use" when exposed to two of nature's most formidible foes: the blizzards of winter and summer's tornadoes.The 1993 superstorm which impacted one-third of the nation, the catastrophic 1998 ice storm in the northeast, and most intense tornado outbreeak ever, 3 May 1999 in Oklahoma, star in these portraits of nature's ugliest moods. Produced by The Weather Channel.

                           1048 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H      #!TGS{buy 1048}

Snow (50 minutes)

From the birth of a single ice crystal to the suffocating drifts of a great blizzard, the DVD discusses snow in a way that makes modern cloud physics understandable and accessible. Scenes include researchers atop Storm King Mountain and historical footage of the cloud physics pioneer Nakaya. Excellent for an introductory class in meteorology, or for anyone who really just digs winter weather.

1040 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H       (out of print)

Wrath of God: Blizzard Whiteout!
(45 minutes)

A History Channel special which details the impacts of blizzards on American history and politics – especially that of Chicago’s! This program reminds us that winter weather can have as deadly and costly an impact as warm season severe weather. Especially gripping are the tales of the TWO blizzards of 1888, including the horrific “children’s blizzard” of the Great Plains and the storm that changed the face of New York City.

1033 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H     #!TGS{buy 1033}

Avalanches: White Walls of Death
(50 minutes)

A History Channel special presentation from the Wrath of God Series.
The history of the western U.S. is studded with all too numerous stories of winter catastrophes when entire towns, and even passenger trains, have been buried under mountains of snow. As the western mountains become ever more used for recreation, living and resources, this underrated hazard needs to be placed in its proper context…and be taken far more seriously.

                             1054 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H   

Buffalo Blizzard: Siege and Survival
(50 minutes)

A History Channel presentation recounting of harrowing personal tales of survival during the five day lake effect snow siege in Buffalo in January, 1977. Being stranded in a car on a 150 ft high bridge…scary!

1055 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1055}


When Weather Changed History 5 DVD-set

From the long running Weather Channel series that highlights us the dramatic ways that weather has
changed human history. This 5 DVD set has thirteen full 42-minute programs in wide screen format with 5:1 Dolby Stereo.
Meteorologist Jim Cantore narrates. Learn how a cold front changed NASA space program for ever in the inside story of the Challenger Disaster. The weather has played a key role in battle since time immemorial. The impacts of weather during WWII, from the D-Day Invasion, the Battle of the Bulge, the naval war in the Pacific and surprising facts about how weather factored into the first Gulf War. Aviation weather history was made in the crashes of Delta 191 and the Air Florida tragedy in Washington, DC, and the changes they brought to airport operations and the nation's weather services. The programs are filled with interviews of the people involved and rare historic footage. Special bonus items include a When Weather Changed History timeline poster. Rated G. Total run time: approximately 9 hours.

DVD 1: "Rescue from the South Pole," "Battle of the Bulge"
DVD 2: "Challenger," "Race to Nome"
DVD 3: "1927 Mississippi Flood," "Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers"
DVD 4: "Air Florida," "Crash of Delta 191"
DVD 5: "Operation Eagle Claw," "Navy Typhoon," "The Forgotten Hurricane," "D-Day Anniversary," "Battlefield Iraq"

5-DVD set $19.99 plus S&H      


Storm Stories 6-DVD set

Now available in a 6-DVD boxed set, the best of the Weather Channel's acclaimed series, Storm Stories.
The weather is the ultimate drama. In the battle of humans vs. nature, these are the true stories of the survivors: the rescuers who never gave up and the victims who never gave in. First person accounts and stunning footage of weather dramtically impacting the lives of real people. Every survivor has a story - from which must all learn. Full screen, Dolby 5:1 Stereo. Rated G. Special Bounus DVD, "Epic Conditions." Total run time: approximately 10 hours 45 minutes.

DVD 1: "Blown from Her Arms," "Lives Torn Apart," "Allison's Wake," "Shelter from the Storm," "Tornado Terror"
DVD 2: "Gone in an Instant," "After School Twister," "Without Warning," "Left Behind After Floyd," "Laguna Landslide"
DVD 3: "Hurricane Ivan," "Ice Storm," "Weather Dog," "F-5 Tornado," "Black Tie - Black Night"
DVD 4: "Tornado Six Pack," "In the River's Path," "Deafening Sound," "Iowa November Tornado," "When Chuckie Met Ivan"
DVD 5: "New Orleans - Katrina," "Christmas Day Mudslide," "Plainfield Tornado," "Rogue Wave," "Super Outbreak"
DVD 6: "Epic Conditions," "Hawaii Big Wave Surfing"

1075 6-DVD set $19.99 plus S&H    


Come Hail or High Water (50 minutes)

You have watched storm chaser Tony Laubach on TV as he tracks down plenty of tornadoes, but his specialty seems to be hail. Very, very large hail. Hail smashing out all his car windows. He seems to enjoy this. And he takes some pretty amazing videos with which to share his glee. This is high impact video! (Some adult the things people often say when their front windshield gets bashed out!)

1077 DVD, $14.95 plus S&G        #!TGS{buy 1077}

Snowbound: Curse of the Sierras
(45 minutes) not in stock

Sierra Nevada means “snowy mountains.” The snows are critical to the hydrology of the west – and have played key roles in the history of the region. A vivid History Channel recounting of the Donner Party tragedy and the harrowing ordeal of an entire passenger train entrapped in “Sierra cement.”

1088 DVD, $14.95 plus S&G         #!TGS{1088}

Extreme Ice
(54 minutes)

In this NOVA production, Photographer James Balog leads the largest ever photographic study (EIS - the Extreme Ice Survey) of the cryosphere…time lapse imagery show the dramatic retreat of glaciers over months and years. Along with many members of the climate research community, this program vividly documents and explains glacial retreats. Stunning imagery from Greenland.

1076 DVD, $14.95 plus S&G          #!TGS{buy 1076}

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