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1006 Aurora Borealis: The Magnificent Northern Lights Out of Print
1002 The Hundred Year Hunt for the Red Sprite
1053 Asteroids: Deadly Impact
1060 Magnetic Storm
2078 A Vision for Human Evolution Into Space
1097 The Edge of Space

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The Hundred Year Hunt For The Red Sprite
(42 minutes)
Finalist, Telly Awards

Videographer Award of Excellence
Gold Award, Aurora Awards

Based upon our planetarium production of the same name, this program documents one of the most unexpected scientific findings in the atmosphere during the late 20th century. For over a century, people, including well respected scientists, had reported seeing strange lights in the night sky about thunderstorms - and they were. But it remained for a “happy accident” in 1989 when the first such event was captured on a low-light camera’s video tape. One researcher exclaimed it was as if Biology had just suddenly discovered a new human body part. Since then, an entire “zoo” of luminous creatures have been found in the thin air above thunderstorms. And the discoveries are still being made. The program also shows how the public can become engaged in the search for new thunderstorm related electrical phenomena.Teachers: Your students can also take the online "Sprite Quiz" and receive their score and a certificate of completion! "....the images and graphics are could watch this program forever...kept me on the edge of my seat..." Weatherwise Magazine

1002 DVD-R, $14.95 plus S&H
                       #!TGS{buy 1002}   

The Edge of Space (NOVA) approx. 60 minutes

This 2013 NOVA program continues where The Hundred Year Hunt for the Red Sprite leaves off.
It showcases extraordinary footage of sprites taken from high flying jets to the International Space Station.
The aurora makes some amazing appearances as well. The program also weaves the poignant true story of how
one of the objectives - capturing images of sprites from space - of Astronaut Ilan Ramon, who perished in 2003 aboard the ill-fated Space Shuttle Columbia, were fulfilled on the ISS a decade later by astronaut Dr. Satoshi Furukawa. The high speed footage of sprites is simply breathtaking.

1097 DVD  $19.95 plus S&H             #!TGS{buy 1097}

Aurora Borealis: The Magnificent Northern Lights (32 + 40 minutes)

A perfect gift! You have never seen the aurora borealis like this. Stunning, real-time video from Iceland is the most realistic presentation of the northern lights yet captured on video, along with a narrative describing the history and the physics of aurora. A perfect video for any class on space physics, astronomy or earth sciences. BONUS: Almost 40 minutes of dynamic, real-time, color northern lights set to the music of Gustav Holst. (It comes along with the narrative program version plus a still image catalog and a full color booklet.)

1006 DVD-R, $14.95 plus S&H      Out of Print

Solar Max
(double set: DVD plus sound track CD!) (38 minutes)

This amazing IMAX™ film is arguably one of the best science films ever made. Stunning visuals and an incredible musical score describe the sun-earth system in ways that will both amaze and inspire. SPECIAL BONUS: AMS special DVD offer, you also receive the Nigel Westlake soundtrack on CD.

1017 DVD-R, $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1017}

Asteroids: Deadly Impact
(60 minutes)

This National Geographic special is a must for historians of science. Produced just before his accidental death, it documents the amazing journey of Gene Shoemaker and his wife Carolyn, from Tunguska to the Jovian impacts. A most appealing view into the world of scientists.

1053 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1053}

Magnetic Storm

The magnetic North Pole is starting to wander. Airport runways are being repainted as magnetic north changes. We know the Earth’s magnetic field has flipped many times in the past. Is something brewing deep below the solid surface in the liquid core of our planet? What would happen if the field did collapse and/or reverse and compasses no longer worked? Northern lights over Miami is just one of many effects to ponder.

1060 $14.95 plus S&H          #!TGS{buy 1060}


2078A Vision for Human Evolution Into Space (29 minutes)

Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, President, X Prize Foundation and Zero Gravity Corporation
The AMS Journal: Program 2009-1

Operational meteorology began a major growth phase as commercial aviation boomed in the 1930s in the aftermath of Lucky Lindburgh’s transatlantic and transformational flight. With the success of the Ansari X Prize showing the path for commercial human space travel, commercial operational forecasts of the near space environment may soon become a requirement and not just a dream. Dr. Peter Diamandis, the man behind the X Prizes, Zero Gravity Corporation and the Rocket Racing League (NASCAR on LOX!), explains the economics of scale that make “routine” space travel in the not too distant future sound not only possible, but likely.

2078 DVD-R $4.95 plus S&H         #!TGS{buy 2078}


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