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1023 Driven by Passion Out of Stock
1030 Forces of Nature
1046 Severe Weather: Protect Yourself
1027 Stormchasers (IMAX)
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1015 Storms of 2004 (out of print)
1016 Storms of 2005

1032 Storms of 2006(out of print)
1047 Storms of 2007 (out of print)
1042 Tornadoes (out of print)
1048 Tornado/Blizzard
1058 Hunt for the Supertwister
1061 Nature's Fury (out of print)
1064 Storm Chasers (out of print)
1068 Tornado Hunters
1069 Tornado Intercept
1071 Twister Chasers
1073 Savage Planet: Deadly Skies
1075 Storm Stories (out of print)
1077 Come Hail or High Water
1078 Tornado Extravaganza 2009
1079 A Fantasia for Clouds

1080 Against the Elements
1081 Thunderheads
1087 Tornado Extravaganza 2010
1090 Tornado Alley
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1092 Storm Chasers - Season 3 - 2 DVD set
1093 NOVA - Deadliest Tornadoes
1094 Driven by Passion II
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Driven by Passion  by Tim Samaras    (120 minutes)

Many chase tornadoes. But engineer Tim Samaras tries to capture them as well. You may have seen his exploits on National Geographic Television as Tim and his crew race to position their probes directly in the path of the vortex. This stuff makes the Hollywood antics in Twister look tame. In over 3 hours of video, you witness the first successful video (7 cameras) obtained from within a tornado (Storm Lake, IA). And then there is the awesome video of the powerful Manchester, SD tornado as it leveled the town, but also yielded the first definite pressure drop readings inside a major tornado - a stunning 100 millibars!

                                     1023 Double DVD set. $25.00 plus S&H   

Driven by Passion II
 by Tim Samaras    (134 minutes)

Driven by Passion II is the brand-new DVD from Tim Samaras! It covers his years out in the field from 2008 to 2012. These events include the successful probe deployments near Tipton, KS on May 29, 2008, the dusty tornado near Aurora, NE on June 17, 2009, and the powerful EF-4 tornado near Bowdle, SD on May 22, 2010. Included is a slide show for the unfortunate deadly 2011 season and close encounters near Goshen County, WY on June 5, 2009, Campo, CO on May 31, 2010, and never-before seen footage up-close of the incredible EF-4 tornado near Langley, KS on April 14, 2012. Along with many more events!

For the past 30 years, Tim Samaras has seen and witnessed the most powerful and destructive winds on the planet. His mission is to collect data from inside such intense forces of nature each year in Tornado Alley. With the scientific devices he has pioneered and built over the past 15 years, he has been able to achieve his goal. But it is not an easy objective by any means. Samaras has been featured on television in National Geographic specials for his expertise with answering questions through scientific methods on disasters including tornadoes. His work has been showcased on the Discovery Channel in their popular show “Storm Chasers” (2009-2011) for his success and dedication to collect scientific measurements from inside of tornadoes.

1094           $22.00 plus S&H              #!TGS{buy 1094}

Forces of Nature (40 minutes)

This National Geographic special, narrated by Kevin Bacon, presents stunning photography of tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and their devastating impacts. From the High plains to the Caribbean to Turkey, witness the planet’s most destructive forces at work.Also portrays the dedication of the men and women of science who probe nature's secrets. Josh Wurman and the DOW make an appearance.

1030 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1030}

Stormchasers (40 minutes plus 27 minutes of special features) (2 DVD set)

This IMAX™ special takes you along with a special breed of people who spend all their time searching for events that most individuals hope to avoid - hurricanes, monsoon floods and tornadoes. Storm chasers track extreme weather conditions to increases our understanding how such events form and how to predict them. A Gold Camera Award winner.

1027 DVD-R, $14.95 plus S&H       (out of print)

Storms of 2004
(100 minutes)

The first in the series from the gang at NSSL, showing some of the highlights from the incredible 2004 season. Includes the fabled "white tornado" to strike Mulvane, KS. Excellent synoptic background briefings. Great music. Great video. Scary stuff!

1015 DVD-R , $14.95 plus S&H       Out of Stock

Storms of 2005
(107 minutes)

A compilation of the best storm chases of 2005, produced by Greg Stumpf and Jim Ladue, complete with detailed map discussions, radar, satellite and a musical score. A great teaching tool for the classroom – or just plain vicarious fun for us deskbound folks who can’t chase come tornado season. Plus a special section shot deep inside Katrina. All profits from this production go the American Red Cross and the Central Oklahoma Chapter of the AMS.

                                    1016 DVD-R , $14.95 plus S&H      #!TGS{buy 1016}

Storms of 2006
(120 minutes)

Producer/chaser Verne Carlson continues the tradition of assembling the best chase videos of the year for a good cause, in this case a portion of the proceeds benefiting the American Red Cross. Dramatic footage from a helicopter of a twister grinding through a small airport, the hail storm from hell wrecking chase vehicles, and dramatic multi-vortex tornadoes are just a few the highlights.

1032 DVD-R , $14.95 plus S&H   Out of Stock   

Storms of 2007
(120 minutes)

The latest in the “Storms of…” series, compiled by veteran chaser Mickey Ptak, along with Greg Stumpf and Jim Ladue, this DVD highlights the 2007 season. The March High Plains outbreak, the EF5 disaster in Greensburg, KS and the first EF5 in Mannitoba are highlights. Stunning video, complete with detailed map discussions, radar, satellite and a musical score. A great teaching tool for the classroom – or just plain vicarious fun for us deskbound folks who can’t chase come tornado season.

1047 DVD-R , $14.95 plus S&H       Out of Stock

(50 minutes)

An excellent overview for an introductory course in weather, or just lots of juicy information for the severe storm enthusiast. This is a compelling story of how tornadoes are researched, how forecasts and warnings are created, and how emergency response services must function to save lives. The amazing story of the Van Wert, OH tornado which destroyed a movie theater only minutes after its many patrons had been evacuated to a shelter demonstartes how things should always work! Created for the Nature Tech Series of The History Channel.

                                    1042 DVD-R , $14.95 plus S&H      (out of print)

Blizzard (2 DVD set, 80 minutes)

This 2 DVD set does double duty, detailing the "news you can use" when exposed to tof nature's most formidible foes: the blizzards of winter and summer's tornadoes.The 1993 superstorm which impacted one-third of the nation, the catastrophic 1998 ice storm in the northeast, and most intense tornado outbreeak ever, 3 May 1999 in Oklahoma, star in these portraits of nature's ugliest moods. Produced by The Weather Channel.

                           1048 DVD-R , $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1048}


Hunt for the Supertwister (60 minutes)

Many storm chaser colleagues contributed to this excellent NOVA special describing how chasers and modelers interact in furthering our understanding of tornadogenesis. Some extreme video!

1058 DVD-R , $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1058}


Nature's Fury (55 minutes)

This series from National Geographic shows the best of the worst of Mother Nature. One vignette centers on the Great Floods of 1993 …a vivid contrast to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.

1061 DVD-R , $14.95 plus S&H    (out of print)


Storm Chasers 2 DVD Set (7 hours of content)

From the Discovery TV series, four exciting episodes. The usual suspects  (the DOW, the TIV, Sean Casey, Josh Wurman, Tim Marshall) and amazing footage of why we suggest that you let the pros do tornado intercepts for a living.

1064 DVD-R , $14.95 plus S&H    (out of print)


Tornado Hunters (50 minutes)

This British-made documentary doesn’t always have the clearest scientific explanations, but it has spectacular footage of some of the biggest hail, nastiest funnels and luckiest chasers caught on tape –along with historic footage of Ted Fujita.

1068 DVD-R , $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1068}


Tornado Intercept (52 minutes)

A National Geographic special on the first successful coordinated operation of the Tornado Intercept Vehicle and the Doppler of Wheels, and the people behind the science of storm chasing. Follow Sean Casey as he tries to get just the right shots with his IMAX camera, with the help of Josh Wurman.

1069 DVD-R , $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1069}


Twister Chasers (50 minutes)

A British take on American storm chasers including Josh Wurman and the DOW, Christopher Weiss, The Twister Sisters and master funnel finder Roger Hill. Astounding video and slightly daft people

1071 DVD-R , $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1071}


Savage Planet: Deadly Skies (60 minutes)

A global review of what the sky can hurl at us. From asteroid extinctions to meteors punching through a car’s trunk, gigantic hailstones in Sydney, and deadly bolts of lightning striking golfers, gliders and massive space vehicles. Stacy Keach narrates…yes, the sky sometimes is falling.

1073 DVD-R , $14.95 plus S&H    #!TGS{buy 1073}

Severe Weather: Protect Yourself
(30 minutes)

Produced by AMS Member, Alan Sealls, CBM, this program spells out in clear, simple language how to become aware of, prepare for, and react to the threats of flash floods, lightning, damaging winds and tornadoes. An excellent program for public outreach seminars and introductory weather classes.

1046 DVD-R , $24.95 plus S&H     #!TGS{buy 1046}

Storm Stories 6-DVD set

Now available in a 6-DVD boxed set, the beof the Weather Channel's acclaimed series, Storm Stories.
The weather is the ultimatedrama. In the battle of humans vs. nature, these are the true stories of the survivors: the rescuers who never gave up and the victims who never gave in. First person accounts and stunning footage of weather dramtically impacting the lives of real people. Every survivor has a story - from which must all learn. Full screen, Dolby 5:1 Stereo. Rated G. Special Bounus DVD, "Epic Conditions." Total run timeapproximately 10 hours 45 minutes.

DVD 1: "Blown from Her Arms," "Lives Torn Apart," "Allison's Wake," "Shelter from the Storm," "Tornado Terror"
DVD 2: "Gone in an Instant," "After School Twister," "Without Warning," "Left Behind After Floyd," "Laguna Landslide"
DVD 3: "Hurricane Ivan," "Ice Storm," "Weather Dog," "F-5 Tornado," "Black Tie - Black Night"
DVD 4: "Tornado Six Pack," "In the River's Path," "Deafening Sound," "Iowa November Tornado," "When Chuckie Met Ivan"
DVD 5: "New Orleans - Katrina," "Christmas Day Mudslide," "Plainfield Tornado," "Rogue Wave," "Super Outbreak"
DVD 6: "Epic Conditions," "Hawaii Big Wave Surfing"

1075 6-DVD set $19.99 plus S&H       


Come Hail or High Water (50 minutes)

You have watched storm chaser Tony Laubach on TV as he tracks down plenty of tornadoes, but his specialty seems to be hail. Very, very large hail. Hail smashing out all his car windows. He seems to enjoy this. And he takes some pretty amazing videos with which to share his glee. This is high impact video! (Some adult the things people often say when their front windshield gets bashed out!)

1077 DVD, $14.95 plus S&G         #!TGS{buy 1077}


Tornado Extravaganza 2009 (75 minutes)

The 2009 tornado season was pretty underwhelming - until the Vortex 2 project was over. Then
the twisters came in droves. Chasers Matt Chatelain, Curtis McDonald, Matt Van Every and Dan Betten.
Some amazing encounters are caught on tape, with debris flying a lot closer than you might wish.

1078 DVD, $14.95 plus S&G         #!TGS{buy 1078}

Thunderheads  (45 minutes)

Australian thunderstorms grow so huge they give them names, like Hector - a monster CB which forms near Darwin and which was the subject of a seven nation field program.  Pilots “discovering” gravity waves launched into the stratosphere by massive convection is just one of the facets of this field program log, which shows the nuts and bolts of real-world science outside of the laboratory. Ed Zipser is one of many familiar faces in this excellent documentation of a multifaceted research project. A Smithsonian Production.

                                    1081 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H         #!TGS{buy 1081}

Tornado Extravaganza 2010
  (120 minutes

Storm chasers working together as the Tornado Video Network compiled some of their best footage from the 2010 chase season, which included the windup of Vortex2. Two hours of the best action from 8 if the best chase days of 2010.

 1087 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H         #!TGS{buy 1087}

Tornado Alley
  (50 minutes)

This History Channel documentary provides an excellent historical overview of American tornado disasters. Beginning with the 1840 Natchez catastrophe, it includes the 1896 St. Louis tragedy and a detailed account of the 1925 Tri-State monster. Especially valuable is a recounting of the famous 1948 tornado forecast at Tinker Field, OK, with footage of Ernie Fawbush and Robert Miller. Tom Grazulis and Tom Skilling also make appearances.

                               1090 DVD, $14.95 plus S&H         #!TGS{buy 1090}

Against the Elements (2 DVD Set - 2 hours)

An amazing compilation of almost two dozen disasters including tsunamis, wild fires, earthquakes, avalanches, sink holes, mudslides, flash floods, and more. One highlight is a concise summary of the EF5 Manchester, SD tornado which literally wiped the town off the map and how chasers, led by Tim Samaras, documented the largest pressure drop (100 mb) ever confirmed in a tornadic vortex. Prof. Bill Gallus and Jay Trobec also appear. Also, a really unexpected story from Down Under. One of the world’s most prestigious yachting events is the Sydney to Hobart Race. Crews often include meteorologist to help deal with the region’s wild weather – but no one expected an EF2 tornadic waterspout that engulfed one vessel, which actually somehow survived the encounter- and finished second!

                                    1080 DVD, $14.95 plus S&G         #!TGS{buy 1080}

2010 Journey Through Tornado Alley (74 min)

Five spectacular storm chasers include the monster Bowdle, SD EF-4, the tragic Yazoo, MS EF-4 and the gorgeous Deer Trail, CO supercell and twister of 10 June 2010. The TwisterChasers team of Jeff, Brian and Kathryn Piotrowski get up close and personal, close enough to capture startling damage in action – and shots straight up at the vortex overhead, not to mention the softball size hail. Extra Bonus footage from Hurricane Katrina.

1091 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        out of stock


Storm Chasers - Season 3 - 2 DVD set

Season 3 of the hit Discovery Channel program! Venture with an intrepid group of scientists, filmmakers and adventurers as they hunt down devastating tornadoes to capture amazing IMAX footage and valuable scientific data in America's 'Tornado Alley'. Follow this diverse group headlined by Tim Samaras and Sean Casey as they embark on another grueling season of storm chasing. Two DVDs with six programs and special bonus features including outtakes and storm chaser webisodes.

1092 2 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1092}


NOVA - Deadliest Tornadoes (60 minutes)

In April 2011, the worst tornado outbreak in decades left a trail of destruction cross the U.S., killing more than 360 people. Why was there such an extreme outbreak? How do such outbreaks form? With modern warning systems, why did so many die? Is our weather getting more extreme - and if so, how bad will it get? This DVD profiles the scientists trying to understand the extreme forces at work behind this historic outbreak

1093 DVD-R $14.95 plus S&H        #!TGS{buy 1093}


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