The following are some of our favorite and useful web sites involving weather, the atmosphere, and related topics:

Become a Storm Spotter at Home

WeatherSites Page (hundreds of sites)

NWS Aviation Weather Center

Intellicast Local Weather

Jobs in Meteorology (Penn State)

Lightning Safety Awareness (NWS)

Live Weather Images

More Jobs in Meteorology (NCAR)

National Climatic Data Center

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration

National Weather Service Main Page

National Lighting Safety Institute

Nebraska Vortex Intercept Team (NEVIT)

NOAA Climate Sites

NOAA NESDIS Satellite Images

NOAA Hurricane Sites

The American Meteorological Society

The American Geophysical Union

The National Climatic Data Center

The Weather Channel

The Weather Underground

Real Time Weather Data from NCAR

Space Weather

Storm Track

WxPortal (SSESCO)

The National Severe Storms Laboratory

The Colorado Climate Center

The Space Telescope Science Institute

The Storm Prediction Center (NWS)

The Weather Calculator

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Lightning Mapping System

VLF Research Group

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center - Lightning Imaging Sensor

A NASA Lightning Primer

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center - Optical Transient Detector

LDAR Homepage NASA Fact Sheet: Lightning and the Space Program

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center - Lightning and Atmospheric Electricity at GHCC

Los Alamos National Laboratory

New Lightning Research May Help Illumine Global Warming (Earle Williams) Christian Science Monitor 3/3/98

Colorado State University Cloud Electricity Research Group

The National Lightning Safety Institute

Lightning Links from the National Weather Service

The Mystery of Cloud Electrification [what scientists know about how electrical charge builds up in clouds]

NWS Natural Hazard Statistics

The Lightning Data Center at St. Anthony's Hospital

Lightning Strike & Electrical Shock Survivors International

Astronomy Picture of the Day